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About Liverpool


10 Key Facts about Liverpool:

1. Liverpool was the European Capital of Culture 2008.
2. Liverpool is the 6th most visited UK city for international visitors.
3. Liverpool was designated a World Heritage City by UNESCO in July 2004, placing the city’s famous Waterfront alongside Stonehenge and the Great Wall of China as one of the world’s most important places.
4. Liverpool has more listed buildings than any other city in the UK outside London.
5. Liverpool is the only English city outside London with a collection of national museums and galleries.
6. Liverpool has two cathedrals, Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, designed by a catholic, is the largest Anglican cathedral in Europe and the Metropolitan (catholic) Cathedral, nicknamed Paddy’s wigwam due to its tepee shape, was designed by an Anglican.
7. The world famous Liver Birds are based on the cormorants seen along the River Mersey and they hold laver, a type of seaweed in their mouth. Local legend holds that the birds face away from each other as, if they were to mate and fly away, the city would cease to exist.
8. The main Tourist Information Centre is at the 08 Place in Whitechapel, open daily.
9. Liverpool is the birthplace of the Beatles with an estimated 600,000 people visiting Liverpool each year just for the Beatles.It is also the World Capital of Pop according to the Guinness Book of Records.
10. Liverpool is home to the Grand National, the most famous steeplechase in the world, which is watched by 600 million people worldwide each year.




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